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Nicole deBoer (also credited as Nikki de Boer and Nicole de Boer) was born in Toronto, Canada on the 20th December 1970. She started her acting career at the age of 7 when she got a lead role in a school play - The Wizard of Oz. Not long after this she got an agent and a role in a Christmas special starring Vincent Price and Red Skelton called Freddy the Freeloader's Christmas Dinner.

During the past few decades Nicole has featured in numerous commercials, TV series, theatrical productions and movies.

TV Show / Movie
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Private Eyes (TV Series) 2017

The Good Soldier S02E09
Six Feet Blunder S02E08
Crimes of Fashion S02E04
The Extra Mile S02E01
Family Jewels S01E10

Becca Dorasay / Becca

Official Global TV Website

Trust No One

aka Corrupt

Kate MacIntyre

Where's My Baby?

aka Cradle of Lies

Marissa Davis

IMDB Movie Page

Haven (TV Series)

Forever S05E26
Fallout S04E01
Welcome to Haven S01E01

Marion Caldwell

Haven The Complete Series

Reign (TV Series)

Coronation S02E03

Lady Doisneau

Reign Complete Second Series

TV Show / Movie
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 Cracked (TV Series)

Swans S02E01

Leigh McMaster

Cracked Series 2 Amazon Prime

Perception (TV Series)

Shadow S01E09

Janice Zimmerman

Perception - Season 1

My Mother's Secret

Lauren Coulson

My Mother's Secret

Secrets from Her Past


Secrets From Her Past | Trailer

Metal Tornado 


Metal Tornado | Trailer

TV Show / Movie
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Iron Golem (TV Movie) 

aka Iron Invader 

aka Metal Shifters


Metal Shifters | Trailer



Suck | Trailer

Christmas Town

 Elizabeth 'Liz' McCann

Christmas Town | Trailer

NYC: Tornado Terror

 Cassie Lawrence

NYC: Tornado Terror | Trailer

Stargate: Atlantis (TV Series)

Whispers S05E07

 Dr. Alison Porter

Stargate: Atlantis Season 5

TV Show / Movie
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2002-2007 The Dead Zone (TV Series)

Big Top
Into the Heart of Darkness
Lotto Fever
A Very Dead Zone Christmas
Coming Home
Grains of Sand
The Last Goodbye
The Collector
Broken Circle
Tipping Point
Cycle of Violence
Speak Now
No Questions Asked
Total Awareness
The Cold Hard Truth
Finding Rachel: Part 2
Finding Rachel: Part 1
The Mountain
The Storm
Playing God
Dead Men Tell Tales
The Man Who Never Was
The Outsider
Valley of the Shadow
Dinner with Dana
The Siege
Enemy Mind
The House (2002) 
Quality of Life
What It Seems
Wheel of Fortune

 Sarah Bracknell Bannerman



The Dead Zone Complete Seasons 1-6

TV Show / Movie
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV Series) 

What You Leave Behind 
The Dogs of War
Extreme Measures
Tacking Into the Wind
When It Rains...
The Changing Face of Evil
Strange Bedfellows
'Til Death Do Us Part
Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang
Field of Fire
The Emperor's New Cloak
Prodigal Daughter
It's Only a Paper Moon
The Siege of AR-558
Once More Unto the Breach
Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Take Me Out to the Holosuite
Shadows and Symbols
Image in the Sand 

Lieutenant Ezri Dax / Ensign Ezri Dax / Ezri Tigan 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season Seven

TV series include Dooley Gardens, Mission Genesis, Kids in the Hall, Catwalk, First Resort, 9B and others. She is famous for her appearance as Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) and, more recently, as Sarah Bracknell Bannerman in the 5 season series The Dead Zone. (More information here on The Dead Zone Season 1, The Dead Zone Season 2 and The Dead Zone Season 3)

She's also had many guest appearances in various TV shows including Stargate Atlantis, The Fearing Mind - Upgrade, The Outer Limits - Monster; -Quality of Mercy, Ready or Not -All or Nothing, Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal - Possession/Man out of Time, Poltergeist: The Legacy - The Crystal Scarab, Tek War - Chill Factor, E.N.G - The Play's the thing; - Baby It's You, The Hidden Room - The Faithful Follower, Beyond Reality - The Passion; - Mirror Mirror,  Forever Knight - Dark Knight, Maniac Mansion - Sophisticated Lady, Sweating Bullets - Abandoned, Street Legal - Home. She also appeared on the docudrama Heart of Courage.

Nicole deBoer Nikki de Boer
Video message from Nicole here

Nicole's appearance in Cube was lauded throughout the world with many cinemas displaying the title of the movie next to - 'starring Nicole deBoer' on their billboards. The other stars of the program barely got a mention in Sydney. Other movies she's appeared in include The Kissing Place, Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil (Check out the cover for the UK edition here), Family Pictures, J.F.K.: Reckless Youth, The Counterfeit Contessa, Jungleground, National Lampoon's Senior Trip, The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, When Innocence is Lost, My Date with the President's Daughter, Family of Cops III: Under Suspicion, Rated X, Public Domain, 5ive Days to Midnight, Phil the Alien and others.

On stage Nicole has appeared in productions of  The Father, Little Foxes, The Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables, Our Town, and Little Women.

Because of Nicole's appearance in Paramount's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) and the cult hit Cube, she is a regular convention goer worldwide.

The Dead Zone Season 3 DVD

Starring Nicole de Boer

Nicole deBoer info, screen grabs and more
Stephen King's The Dead Zone
The Fearing Mind
Rated X V - D
Dooley Gardens 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
Family of Cops III 1-V-D
My Date with the President's Daughter
Star Trek: DS9 1-2-3-4-5-V
When Innocence Is Lost
Cube 1-V-D-ukV-ukD
DeepWater Black 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-Links
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy V
Jungleground V-D
National Lampoon's Senior Trip 1-V
The Counterfeit Contessa 1
Family Pictures V-ukV
Heart of Courage
J.F.K.: Reckless Youth
Catwalk (MTV)
Prom Night 4: Deliver Us From Evil 1-V
Beyond Reality series
Beyond Reality: Passion
Beyond Reality: Mirror, Mirror
The Kissing Place V
The Outer Limits: Monster 1-2-3
The Outer Limits: Quality of Mercy 1
Psi Factor: Possession
Poltergeist:Legacy-The Crystal Scarab
TekWar: Chill Factor
E.N.G: The Play's the Thing
E.N.G: Baby It's you
The Hidden Room: Faithful Follower
Ready or Not: All or Nothing
Forever Knight: Dark Knight 1-2
Sweating Bullets: Abandoned
The Kids in the Hall: various eps
Freddy the Freeloaders Christmas Dinner
Maniac Mansion
Street Legal
First Resort

Nicole deBoer info, screen grabs and more
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